• Hi! I'm Aoife

    (Aoife is Irish and sounds like "Ee'fa")

    Welcome to my world!

    This website is an overview of the many things I do, which pretty much breaks down like this:


    Music ~ Writing ~ Life



    I am a Singer and a Songwriter.
    I have toured all across the States and in Europe with my band, Moth Complex. We recorded and released two albums, made lots of videos, got featured in movies and in all sorts of wonderful media outlets (including having a song available for download for full band gameplay on XBox 360). I met wonderful people and had amazing experiences and did all sorts of other awesome things!

    I also wrote and sang on some other musical projects, which was so good, and I am currently learning guitar and writing songs for my first solo music project ever - videos and music to follow!!

    I am a Writer.


    I created a website called Music Rocks My World, which is an information-packed music resource site for people starting out in music!

    I am also writing a book.


    I am a Book Coach and Book Editor.


    I created a website called My Message Is Love for this.

    I started working with writers through volunteering to read drafts of books for new authors and give detailed feedback and direction - just for the pure enjoyment of it. I am a qualified Journalist anyway, but I found out that I am really good at organising ideas and making sure writing is clear and detailed yet easy to read.

    Through all of this people started wanting to work with me in a more personalised and hands-on way, so I started working as a Book Coach for non-fiction and memoir authors - especially first-time authors - and as a Book Editor too. I'm delighted to say that some of these writers have been really successful with their books, reaching #1 in their niche on Amazon, being featured in places like Forbes and Elite Daily and Huffington Post and expanding their businesses with their books too!

    I also created called an online course called "Create Your Own Kick-Ass, Heart Centered Copy". This course is for entrepreneurs who want to write strong and impactive copy that shares their message with the world in a way that they feel absolutely in alignment with. This alignment means that they can confidently and fully stand behind what they say, which in turn enables them to better connect with their audience and more easily generate sales and build their businesses.


    I am a Life-LOVER!


    I love life! I love people (especially, of course the people I really, really love). I love to travel. I love meditation and health (I've been vegetarian for most of my life and am learning towards veganism at present). I love action movies (once buildings are exploding in a movie, I'm happy!) I love kayaking. I love vegan baking. I love keeping fit. I love reading. I love learning and always growing as a person. I try to be the best version of me I can be in the world...

    Thanks for being here!!

    With love,






















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