• Hi, I'm Aoife


    I am a Singer and a Songwriter.

    I'm working on new music at the moment and will have songs for you very soon!

    (In case you're curious... Aoife is Irish and sounds very like "Ee'fa". Lots of people ask me about that!)

    Thank you for being here...




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  • Music Rocks My World

     Music Rocks My World is a website I created for anyone starting out in music.


    With my band, Moth Complex, I toured all across the States and in Europe. We recorded and released two albums, made videos, got featured in movies and in all sorts of media outlets (including having a song available for download for full band gameplay on XBox 360).

    Music Rocks My World is an information hub / music resource site about how to start a band or, if you are in a band, how to book your first show or tour or promote your music and so much more...

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